Literary Lenormand: Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman

Jo Nesbo, The Snowman
Another day, another trip to Milwaukee’s North Shore library.

What do you do when you’re about to start reading a book described by reviewers as spine-chilling and unputdownable? If you’re me, you pull out your Lenormand cards and try to predict the plot. As one does. 

Don’t ask me why I focus so hard on the predictive value of Lenormand when, for tarot readings, I focus more on what a querent might need to take away emotionally from the reading. I guess I don’t expect the Lenormand to heal? Regardless, I may be contradicting myself, but I don’t care, because this is fun. 

Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman was recommended to me by my mother. I’ve never read Nesbo’s work before. I know nothing about Harry Hole–is he the detective? But perhaps this will become the start of a beautiful friendship….  

On to the cards: the Moon, the Lady, the Ship, the Dog, the Rider. At night, when the moon is out, a woman leaves to visit a friend. But someone else interferes: the Rider. 

That’s all you’re getting from me. Two sentences. Because I’ve been working all day and I want to read, that’s why! 

Please feel free to comment on these cards or to suggest future books for a Literary Lenormand analysis on the comments below. 


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