Card for the Day: Ace of Swords — Reversed! Turn on Your B.S. Detectors…

“I took the liberty of bullshitting you.” –Dan Ackroyd to John Belushi in The Blues Brothers

“Regard all dharmas as dreams.” — Tibetan Buddhist slogan

“The irony is that we make up the eight worldly dharmas. We make them up in reaction to what happens to us in this world. They are nothing concrete in themselves. Even more strange is that we are not all that solid either.” –Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart

So, our mental clarity is a little off today. Okay, even I am bullshitting you. It’s worse than that, but I didn’t think that you were quite ready to hear it. The truth is that mental clarity has taken a total dive. The fog has rolled in and our mental illusions are running rampant. Today, we will even lie to ourselves. Our actions are based more on our hopes and fears than on real true information.

My advice is: 1. Turn on your bullshit detector. 2. Don’t worry so much about what other people are telling you that may or may not be totally accurate today. Just kind of screen that out. Worry more about the illusions  you are feeding yourself. It is true that to a large extent we do make up our own experiences–we certainly make up our own moods. In your dreams and illusions, in how you interpret your day’s experiences, what kind of a diet are you feeding yourself? Today, take a hard look at what you have told yourself is true, and then, as they tell kids in school, check your work. Did you arrive at the right answer? Because the right answer is the one that moves you forward in some way on your spiritual path. If your dreams/illusions or fears/nightmares are holding you back, then it’s time to put them through the bullshit detector.

“Words cut and shred our mental balance, yet if we maintain our integrity then nothing can harm us.” —Toni Allen


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