Tarot Philosophy

What draws me to tarot is that a reading (often done when people are anxious or even panicked about a situation) can have the effect of calming you down and grounding you, and it can also wake you up to a different perspective on your situation, helping you to see in what way the Universe may be providing you with an opportunity to grow and develop even if you aren’t happy about the current circumstances. And that’s my goal in providing readings — to offer grounding and spiritual guidance in a form that is practical and applicable on a day-to-day level and that can help my clients to feel more balanced and calm even when circumstances are challenging.

Put metaphorically, I try to be the human equivalent of an essential oil or a crystal that can be used to alleviate anxiety and provide balance and calm. If you know me personally, you know that this aspiration is a good match for my personality — I am constantly being told how calming I am (even by checkout people at the grocery store!).

Can tarot predict the future? Well, yes and no. The future is always changing based on the choices that we make and the choices that are made by others around us. In my view, tarot shows us the present energies surrounding a situation, and those energies indicate a tendency toward a particular future or futures, but not an unchangeable tendency.

Why read tarot cards if I don’t think they show us a “set in stone” future? Because tarot is MUCH more than a tool for looking ahead. A tarot reading is an interactive dialogue with the universe and can address almost any question, even philosophical questions — not just questions about the future. When you start to think about that, tarot turns from a “woo woo” party game into a practical tool for working with our daily lives, especially our emotional and psychological lives.

Finally: am I psychic? Personally, I believe the universe is psychic. So everyone is or can be intuitive or psychic, depending on how closely you are paying attention. Because I practice reiki, I view tarot as working much like reiki: I see myself, as a tarot reader, as a channel that the universe can flow energy through. My job is to keep that channel open and clear and not obstruct it with my own biases — or put another way, to have the ability to descend into silence to listen, and not clutter that silence with my own mental chatter. So to answer the question: am I psychic? I’d have to say, no more than you are. But I AM a good listener.

32 thoughts on “Tarot Philosophy

  1. I love the way you have individualised tarot. I have my own set that I have been using for many years now. I call them my map of the universe. When I’m stuck, or in a spot, or unsure, or just need a second opinion, I pull one card. It’s like a map reading. It tells me where I am on the Road and reassures me that all I need to do is keep walking.

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more of your post!


      • Ancient wisdom is often found rephrased in modern motivational writing. Did Laozi say “May the force be with you”. or was it Obei Ben Konobi, played by Alex Guinnness In the movie Star Wars?


      • Yes, you are correct in your observation. And yes, I know Obe Wan said that in Star Wars, but was it really in The Art of War as well? I haven’t read that yet but it’s on my list (in fact, lately, it’s getting close to the top of my list!)…


  2. I like your philosophy! :) I read the Tarot and Palms for many years before Healing took over, and I’ve always enjoyed helping others and putting their minds at rest, or providing helpful insights into their problems or situations. :)
    Thanks for following my blog! :)


  3. I really appreciate this philosophy! I like that it’s not so much motivated by prediction as it is by service – being of service to others in times of need, or want, or simple curiosity. Lovely!


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