Cards for the Day: 4 of Pentacles/Reversed 3 of Wands: Control Issues Impede Our Vision

It’s Monday, and we just want to control everything, especially our money (Four of Pentacles). More specifically, we want to hold on tight to what we have and not take risks with our belongings. Too bad, because what does that do to us energetically? It makes us smaller. Look at how the Four of Pentacles man is almost rolled up into a ball, as small as he can be. All the money in the world, which he practically seems to be sitting on top of, isn’t making him bigger. What it is doing is making him unable to think of anything else–unable to dream. And that’s what I see in the reversed Three of Wands: our dreams and visions for the future are blocked by this energy. How could they not be? We have to be a little braver, a little bolder, and be willing to open up and be vulnerable if we want something wonderful to happen. Yes, we might drop our money if we fling our arms open wide, but we also might release our fears — and while our arms are open, maybe love can be welcomed in.

Cards for the Day: R’d Page of Cups/R’d 4 of Cups: Moody Withdrawal Could Lead to Missed Opportunity

It’s hard to be productive or constructive when ocean waves of emotion — or of apathy, which I think is really just emotion that the psyche has drawn a veil of fog over for purposes of self-protection — keep coming along and sweeping you off your feet (Page of Cups, reversed). Remember that if you have to deal with someone moody today — or possibly, since Pages often signify children, with a moody youngster. But I don’t see this as full-fledged tantrum weather, more like sulky withdrawal (like the guy on the Four of Cups card). Possibly caused by an unappreciated message or comment of some sort.

If you are the moody one, at least take your sulk out under a tree like our Four of Cups friend. I would advise meditation, but it’s not working for him today, is it? Maybe this would be a good day to get out and walk or hike. Don’t let a bad sulk ruin your chance to have a good day.

Cards for the Day: The Hanged Man R’d/2 of Wands R’d: Hesitation–Try a Change of Perspective and Focus

Did the choice you were considering yesterday remain unmade? Looks like we are still thinking about our options today, but leaning toward one rather than the other (Two of Wands). Still, there is a lot of hesitation. Maybe a change in perspective (The Hanged Man) will help, but we are resisting that change or it’s blocked in some way (The Hanged Man Reversed). This day feels like everything is temporarily stalled — which might be okay, but sometimes it feels as though we are running out of time. Focus.

Cards for the Day: The Empress/Reversed 3 of Swords: A Day to Appreciate Your Mother (Or Be One)

Mothers aren’t always the easiest people to get along with. But today just might be an exception to that. Here we have The Empress (mothering and abundance) plus the reversed Three of Swords (an end to heartbreak, or at least getting past the worst of it). Maybe it’s time to build bridges with your mother (or at least call her!) — or to mother someone else (or to get pregnant or find out about a pregnancy), or to mother a special project. Looks to me like a good day for it.

Cards for the Day: Reversed Temperance/The Tower: Imbalance Leads to Temporary Chaos

Sometimes, having structures in our lives fall apart (The Tower) can lead to emotional imbalance (Temperance reversed), but this time, it looks to me as though it is the other way around. This is one of those times when imbalances are the driving force behind the scenes when it feels as though our lives have been struck by lightning. Furthermore, whatever is going on today feels like it has been building up for quite some time — and it just may have been unstoppable. So don’t blame yourself, but try to find ways to bring yourself back into balance, even if the shake-up in question wasn’t caused by you. Focus on yourself anyway and keep your balance during the resulting tremors. Ground, breathe, meditate, pray (if that’s something you do). Changes ushered in by The Tower tend to bring about needed transformations. Notice that the central figure in the Temperance card is an angel — and when angels are involved, things are prone to working out in the end.

Cards for the Day: R’d 9 of Wands/R’d Chariot: Fear Holds Us Back

Today is a good day to come out of our inner worlds and be mindful of what our true circumstances actually are. We are about to accomplish something important–but we hesitate (reversed Nine of Wands). Fear (possibly paranoia) is holding us back. Be reflective about these fears. Do they have any basis in your current reality, or are they old fears? Is worry about these issues an old habit that you are ready to drop so that you can move ahead? Are you putting up a fence where there is no need for one? Have you extended your fences so far that now they are blocking the road, so your Chariot cannot move forward? Even if the thing you are afraid of is real, is it really something that you could not deal with if you met it on the road? Consider.