Cards for the Day: 4 of Wands/Reversed Queen of Pentacles: Love Whom You Choose, Marry Whom You Choose

Have you ever had someone try to interfere in your relationships? This person could be a mother who has strong ideas about what friends you should have or who you should be involved with. It could be the “other woman” trying to break up a committed relationship or marriage. It could be someone in the community who thinks they should get to decide who can marry and who can’t. Or, it could be someone trying to interfere in your business partnerships. You can probably think of many other examples.

Whoever she is, she doesn’t try to “force” her way on you. She will tell you again and again that she is not trying to control you and certainly does not mean to interfere. But she just keeps turning up, coaxing and gossiping and offering unwanted opinions. And frankly, it’s always about her and her need to occupy center stage. She is nothing if not persistent.

Well, this person is the Queen of Wands–and she appears to have been turned on her head today. No manipulation from her! Just go ahead with your partnership and make your choices and commitments unencumbered by what she thinks. Won’t she be surprised when she figures out that she can’t operate you with those puppet strings any more!

I am not saying that she’s bad or wrong. She may be very well-meaning and in certain cases she may even be right. On days when she is upright and balanced, she can be a marvelous ally to have on your side. But there are times when she is not on your side–instead, she hopes to control you and limit your freedom of choice. She can get carried away and obsessive, that’s all — we all do, when we are out of balance. So today, make your choices without her. Love whom you choose, connect with whom you choose, work for whom you choose, commit to whom you choose, marry whom you choose, and don’t let anyone else interfere.

Cards for the Day: Three of Wands/The Devil: Look Ahead to Find a Way Out of an Unwanted Situation

I have two interpretations for these cards:

1. My first thought was that bad habits, addictions and/or procrastination (The Devil) might interfere with long term vision and plans (Three of Wands) today.

But I like my second thought better:

2. Although present circumstances may appear hopeless and we may feel caught up in something that can’t be changed and will never get better, the fact is that all things change, and if we take the time to look ahead and make plans for the future, we can find our way out of even the most difficult circumstances.

Maybe both are true. Either way, we are called on to look ahead and plan for the future.

Cards for the Day: 9 of Pentacles/Knight of Cups: Don’t Wait for a Knight in Shining Armor, Follow Your Heart Now

Here we have two cards that seem very different but which are giving me the same message: follow your heart. You can follow your heart by working at home with what is familiar (Nine of Pentacles), or by going far afield (Knight of Cups). Either way, you can feel the energy flowing and bearing fruit (Nine of Pentacles) or bringing water to a dry land (Knight of Cups).

If either of these two people got carried away with his or her feelings, it would probably be the Knight. He is sensitive, impetuous, romantic, and a bit impractical. The Nine of Pentacles woman is the epitome of calm, probably because, like all gardeners, she must be patient. And so must we. Be patient and still today, so that you can recognize your chance to follow your heart and dreams when that opportunity arises. When it does, go for it.

And, women–don’t waste the time that you should spend following your own dreams waiting for a knight in shining armor like this one. He’s cute, yes, but who knows when he will be back? Meanwhile you are called upon to be self-reliant, independent, and to make your own way in the world.

Cards for the Day: The Sun Reversed/The Chariot: Feeling Down But Still Moving Forward

After our two Eight of Wands days, are things slowing down? Nope! We are speeding faster than ever in The Chariot. Nothing is very wrong–we are safe, loved, and protected, by the universe itself. Despite this, though, we may be feeling a little down and low in energy (The Sun reversed). Or there might be cranky children (of all ages) about — or, our inner children might be feeling irritable.

Or in my case, the sun is out and it’s time to wake up — but I just want to burrow back down under the covers and go back to sleep.

Take a mindful, observant approach to these mood swings and remember that you are still moving forward on your path, and that events are unfolding faster than you think, even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

Prognosticating About Politicians: Justice/The Hermit: The Supreme Court Reviews Health Care Reform

I haven’t been following the campaign or much in the way of news, so I was puzzled to draw Justice and The Hermit for my Prognosticating About Politicians feature today. Then I thought, what candidate is “going it alone” (The Hermit) right now? The President is, because he is certain to be the Democratic nominee. A quick glance at the news showed me that Obama’s health care reform will get its day in court — before the Supreme Court — this week. You didn’t need tarot cards to tell you this…but apparently I did! (Note to self: start reading the newspaper…)

I don’t know what the court will decide, but these cards suggest the decision will be just and fair. So if you don’t like the decision when it comes down, whatever it is, pause for a moment and reconsider: could you be missing something? could the decision be fairer than it initially seems?

Let’s see what happens.

Cards for the Day: 8 of Wands/Strength: Be Patient with Unfolding Events

The Eight of Wands again–just like on Friday! Things are still moving fast, and some of these fast-moving developments may be fraying our nerves, but be patient (Strength). Take a compassionate and accepting approach to matters as they unfold. If need be, slow down and gently tame the charging lion. You have the fortitude for whatever roller coaster ride life may have in store for you today.

Cards for the Day: Reversed 10 of Pentacles/The Devil: Overcome Self-Sabotage with the Power of Prayer

Whew–the site is working properly again after a few days of technical difficulties!

But what a way to come back–with the reversed Ten of Pentacles combined with The Devil. I think of The Devil as a card connected with addiction and bad habits–which can run the gamut from little bad habits that slow us down to enormous bad habits (such as substance abuse) which can seriously derail us from our path in life, as well as causing us to experience financial difficulties and other logistical challenges (reversed Ten of Pentacles).

In other words, there are important things we need to do today, but temptation may be getting in the way. We may be at risk for self-sabotage today.

Yet I am not saying we should turn our backs on temptation. Often people who try to do so simply enslave themselves to it more fully. Instead, look for the good in your temptations, as that is, in my opinion, the part of the temptation that truly draws  you anyway. What are your temptations trying to tell you about what you should be doing? Even our most serious addictions can be viewed as positive messengers trying to alert us that something is seriously amiss and needs to be made right. What is the real issue, and how can you address it? When you find the answer to this question, your temptation will lose much of its power to draw you off your path.

Not everyone has the strength to look temptation squarely in the face and try to really understand what is happening. But there is another tool you can use to defuse temptation’s power, and that tool is prayer. It doesn’t really matter what spiritual tradition you may belong to–even if you are an atheist, you can pray, to yourself if need be. A major part of the power of prayer lies in the formulation of intent. By praying for a particular outcome, you state your intention, even if you feel you are stating it only to yourself. You are creating an aspiration. If your will power is a car (metaphorically speaking), prayers and aspirations are a way of putting gas (your strong, committed intention) into the car. Prayer will give you the strength that you think you don’t have. You can overcome any addiction, no matter how strongly it may hold you in its thrall. Be patient and take it one step at a time — right back onto your path.

Cards for the Day: 5 of Swords/The Empress: It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Remember that old margarine commercial from the 1970s? “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”

No, it isn’t nice, is it? But that’s what we may be seeing today. Here we have the Five of Swords: lying, deception, trickery, putting oneself first. And the Empress: feminine motherly energy, patience, devotion, love, dedication, generosity, nature/Nature.

Frankly, I don’t like the look of this.

Because, all jokes aside, it’s NOT nice to fool Mother Nature. And my warning to you is, don’t try. First of all, she will see through it–if not now, then soon. Mother Nature has an awesome BS detector. She knows when something isn’t right. Second, you will regret it. Mother Nature (despite what that Chiffon commercial may lead one to believe) is not vindictive. You won’t lose her love and devotion. But you will disappoint (and very likely anger) her and yourself. It will turn into a major negative energy trip (yeah, I know, that 70s commercial is even affecting my language). Don’t do it.

It is just going to lead you to the Six of Swords and you’ll end up going away and being depressed.

Tell Mother Nature the truth and open yourself trustingly to her love and devotion, if you want to be happy. That’s my advice. Stop worrying about making yourself look good. That’s not what life is about. To be blunt. Just be brave enough and strong enough to make yourself vulnerable and — tell the truth.

And if you are Mother Nature, metaphorically speaking–you don’t need me to tell you to keep yourself in balance despite the nonsense and tomfoolery that may be going on today. If you erupt like a volcano — well, who could blame you? And for all I know, that may be what’s needed here. Mother Nature is a loving healer and also a destroyer. And there are two ways to deal with negative energy: grow the positive energy with loving dedication until it overwhelms everything negative around it, or destroy the negative energy with one blast. The former is safer, but there is a time and place for the latter.

Best of all is if Mother Nature doesn’t have to choose how to react. I’m posting this a bit late in the day, maybe too late, but I’m just going to say it again: It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. You have been warned.