Partial Eclipse Today in Fabulous Scorpio/Mercury Rx Almost Over!!/It’s Coming Around Again

No cards today, just Carly Simon. Because, that’s why.

Are you groaning? Mercury Retrograde is coming around again? Well, of course it will. Not only is that the nature of the Wheel, but it’s the nature of Mercury, for goodness’ sake. It goes around and around. Just like us.

It’s all good. The universe knows what it’s doing. Even when it socks you, hard, with a sucker punch. There are reasons for these things. When the universe hits us hard, know that this is like what it feels like in karate class, when your teacher has you do endless push-ups and sit-ups and V-sits. This is for our own good. No, it’s not fun. But that’s sort of like, not the point. The universe wants us to have fun, yes. But it invites us to have fun in the midst of turmoil, to laugh in the face of chaos, and to make love in times of crisis. Why shouldn’t we?

Oh, yes, and there’s a partial eclipse today. No, I don’t know what that means. I gather it’s going to be intense, though. Are you feeling it yet? Instead of asking me about eclipses (dammit, Jim, I’m a tarot reader, not an astrologer!), try some more knowledgeable resources (in no particular order):

My intuitive feeling, based on almost no understanding of astrology, is that what happens today — just like Mercury Rx — is fundamentally the turning of the wheel. Scientifically that’s of course true. Our solar system is circles within circles within circles (or ellipses, or whatever…dammit, Jim, I’m not a mathematician either!). Everything is coming around again. The stuff we have to deal with is stuff we have to deal with. Maybe we put it off in the past. Maybe we haven’t processed it fully yet. Maybe we need a little review. Whatever. The universe is wise enough to bring back to us whatever needs to come back again.

In case anyone is curious…my birthday is rapidly, rapidly approaching (I refuse to tell you what day! People, please don’t ever put your exact birthday online, okay? But I’m a late October Scorpio). And I’m just saying this because…I am SO loving this intense Scorpio energy lately. Are Scorpios intense? YES. Is this time of the year intense? YES. But that’s what rocks about it — and about us, don’t you see? Surrender to the force, Luke! :-)

Cheesy Cards Can Still Be Powerful: Patience, Please!

Everything's Okay, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Doreen VirtueI don’t often post with Doreen Virtue’s deck, Magical Messages from the Fairies, because it’s just so darn cheesy. But I have to say that I have at times received some incredibly pointed, accurate, and sometimes humorous messages from this deck. One time I wanted to work with the deck, but didn’t know what to ask, so I asked, “Is everything okay?” and received in answer a card that said, “Everything’s okay.”

Debt Paid Off, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Doreen VirtueWell, last Friday, I dusted off the fairy deck and pulled one card. It read, “Debt Paid Off.” I then received word today that, as of last Friday, a debt that I owed is now paid off. I think I should give this cheesy old deck a little more attention!

That said, I decided to pull one more card from this deck today, and asked the deck what message I should write about in the blog, what message would be best to share with all of you. The response: “Patience, please: What you’re asking for is coming about. Have patience, as there are unseen factors that need to occur first.” Doreen Virtue, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Patience, Please

I don’t know if that is true for all of you, in your lives, but it is definitely true for me in my tarot business. Changes (and new offerings!) are coming, and they will roll out slowly, a little at a time, when each piece is complete and ready to be unveiled. I am excited.

The Trouble With Boundaries


Syllabification: bound·a·ry

Pronunciation: /ˈbound(ə)rē

NOUN (plural boundaries)

1A line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line:the eastern boundary of the wildernessthe boundary between the US and Canada[AS MODIFIER]: a boundary wall


border, frontier, borderline, partition;

1.1(often boundaries) A limit of a subject or sphereof activity:a community without class or political boundaries


early 17th century: variant of dialect bounder, frombound2 + -er1, perhaps on the pattern of limitary.

The Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 2014.

On a spiritual level, boundaries can help to protect us. In some ways, a boundary is a shield. Boundaries also require us to respect the privacy and desires of others — meaning that we don’t help those who don’t want to be helped. And that’s a good thing. We shouldn’t interfere with the autonomy of others, and they shouldn’t interfere with ours.

An image from SciTechDaily's article, "Our universe collided with another billions of years ago, Stephen Hawking says." Click on the image to see the article. Is it connected with what I'm saying about boundaries? I don't know...hey, might as well encourage a little science education around here!

An image from SciTechDaily’s article, “Our universe collided with another billions of years ago, Stephen Hawking says.” Click on the image to see the article. Is it connected with what I’m saying about boundaries? I don’t know…hey, might as well encourage a little science education around here!


Though boundaries are SO important spiritually, there is also a problem with them. Ask yourself what it means to be bound. To be confined. To be contained.

I remember, from my study of martial arts, the phrase, “empty hands, open hearts.” Ask yourself what it means, and doesn’t mean, to have an open heart.

Boundaries in their most basic sense are walls that divide us from other people. How are we supposed to connect with others through a wall? How are we supposed to give ourselves freely and generously to others through a wall? And on some level, aren’t we imprisoned by our own boundaries?

Our boundaries protect us, but if they protect us from life, and if they protect us from connecting with and helping others, then they are protecting us too much. We have to be brave enough to go out in the world and let the wind blow our hair, let the rain soak us, and let the cold freeze us. We have to be brave enough to trust that if we go out in the world and get hurt by someone or something, then we get hurt. It’s part of life. Our angels, even our guardian angels, and our spirit guides, would never ask of us that we try to organize our lives in a way that makes us comfortable and 100% safe. They would never ask us that. In fact, they frankly seem to be the very forces behind our movement out of our comfort zones. They are sweet and wonderful and everything, and we love them, but they’re also thugs. They’re not afraid to come along and break our collar bones themselves if that’s what it takes to get us moving in the right direction. (Which is why my husband says, “yeah, you keep your angels away from me!”)

Sometimes we need balm and salve for our spirits, which is why I named my site Tarot Salve. And I think the universe, as well as our angels, our spirit guides, our buddhas and bodhisattvas, want us to have that balm for our spirits too. But at the same time, we’re also called upon to venture out past the limits of our boundaries. We are called upon to embrace our spirit challenges. We’re called upon to let our spirits expand into open, limitless space.

A Spooky Comment (and Invitation?) on My Readings from the Wildwood Tarot

A spread on tarot reading, and my tarot reading in particular, using the Wildwood Tarot.

A spread on tarot reading, and my tarot reading in particular, using the Wildwood Tarot.

There’s nothing like a spooky tarot reading right before Halloween! Never let it be said that I don’t subject myself to the same sort of soul searching that I often seem to encourage in (I almost said “impose on,” but am I really that bossy? I think my soul searching is a little more laid back) my clients. It’s not easy to interpret cards for oneself, and, in addition, I am still learning the Wildwood, so I won’t interpret these cards extensively here, but will instead comment somewhat…sketchily. I chose this spread to ask for feedback from the universe about my own tarot readings in my tarot business. Apparently this spread, called “A Spread on Tarot Reading, by Marion,” comes from the Aeclectic Tarot Spreads eBook, Aeclectic Tarot, 2007. I found it somewhere on Facebook, in a meme, a long time ago and saved it to try, apparently, today!

The positions of the spread are as follows:

1. What I already do well: The Green Man and The Mirror (The Hanged Man) (Two cards popped out of the deck at me here — the same thing happened for position 2, as well.) Male and female energy, creative energy combined with a willingness to dig deep in a search for wisdom. Patience and prudence are emphasized here as well. I have always been good at patience — but I may also be a little too willing to be patient — see position 2.

2. What I need to work on: The King of Stones/Wolf, and The Wheel. The Wildwood tells us that the Wolf is not only a hunter and a tracker, but also a guardian of the dead on their journey to the underworld. Does this mean I should learn to be a medium? Or does it mean I should focus on my work with people who are to some degree feeling dead within life itself — people who are depressed, people who feel or who actually are close to death (either their own or someone else’s)? Or with people who fear various kinds of death — who are terribly anxious?

The King of Stones could also be called the King of Pentacles — the Wildwood apparently would like to invite me to work on my math and money handling skills. [Hangs head.] Yes, it’s true, I do need to work on that! How did the Wildwood know?! :-)

And The Wheel. Acceptance of the turning of the wheel, expecting the wheel to turn, along with a willingness to take control of one’s own destiny by working with the energy of the moment. To me, that’s in part an invitation to improve my astrological knowledge (which is currently very rudimentary). But it’s also more than that. However, I said I wouldn’t go on extensively about these cards! Onward…

3. External resources for improving: Four of Bows/Celebration. This seems like the least mysterious of the cards in this bunch. Relaxing with friends, enjoying the advice and support of others around me. This has always been a weakness of mine — I’m such a quiet introvert — but I plan to work on those skills at a wonderfully awesome business retreat this weekend.

4. Internal resources for improving: The Journey (Death)/The Raven. The card of Samhain. Um. Yes. The Raven is a guardian of spirits of the dead, who, like the Wolf, might usher the dead into the next world. The Wildwood tells us cheerfully, “Once the dead were not feared. They were seen as guardians, holy ancestors and holders of wisdom,” and comments also, “let the bones be laid bare.” It also mentions the dance of death, defleshing the corpse, purification by fire. SUCH a cheery card — but also probably very appropriate for a Scorpio who loves fall and rain and dark of night. Gulp.

5. Advice: Seven of Vessels: Mourning. “Honour what is dead and mourn for what is gone,” the Wildwood says. “Begin the process of recovery after failure or bereavement. To me this says, don’t be afraid to go deep into feelings of loss, and into the wisdom that underlies the process of death and rebirth. Though it doesn’t show one, this card makes me think of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Talk about purification by fire! (I wrote a book on phoenixes and phoenix lore, by the way.)

These cards are calling out to be meditated on, contemplated, and gone into much more deeply than I have here. This is just a starting point. But one that I thought was worth sharing. I would love to see your comments (especially if you are someone who knows the Wildwood well!)

Messages From the Universe…On My Kindle? (Or: Yes, the Universe Does Laugh At Us)

Taking a break today, I pulled out my Kindle and began to read. As I read, I began to wonder how my daughter was doing. She is on a school field trip, a “transcendental adventure,” with her class — they went to the woods and to a pond together in order to try to recreate Henry David Thoreau’s experience at Walden (though just for this one day). But it’s been raining all day and started pouring a little while ago, so I’m not sure how well this experience is really going to kindle (pun intended) the students’ passion for Thoreau. (Although before leaving this morning, my daughter informed me that Thoreau liked rain.) Anyway, I turned the Kindle off and went to look out the window to see how hard it’s raining now. When I turned back to my Kindle, I found it displaying the following ad: IMG_20141014_113608

Yes, the universe does laugh at us…